Pantone partners to create metaverse wearables

Pantone has announced a new collaboration with Spatial Labs with the creation of a wearable hardware solution that aims to standardize colors in the metaverse.

The device, dubbed LNQ by sLABS and dubbed “the wearable internet,” aims to improve user experience in Web3. The technology was invented by Iddris Sandu and is backed by Marcy Venture Partners, which was co-founded by Shawn Carter (Jay-Z), Jay Brown, and Larry Marcus.

“We saw a gap in the Web3 sector and saw it as a chance to design gear that would empower users and creatives to create, engage, and share with their communities while linking the physical and digital worlds like never before,” Sandu said in a statement.

This next weekend, the technology will be presented for the first time during an official launch event that will take place at NeueHouse in Los Angeles. Official partners, such as the music streaming service Tidal and the Web3 platform Polygon, will be in attendance at the event.

Visitors will be able to experience Pantone’s SkinTone Guide through LNQ during the event, which allows users to create their own metaverse characters known as Auras

Pantone and sLABS have worked together to create a set of six colors that are intended to symbolize the identity of the company. These colors take their cues from the natural world and are intended to instill a sense of hope in the viewer.

Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone Color Institute, stated, “Ultimately, the goal was to curate a selection of colors that could serve as physical touchpoints in a virtual world; colors that could live comfortably in a commercial fashion environment while still retaining a curated element and approach.” “It was vital to find colors with global appeal that could work and blur gender stereotypes and rules, as well as the need for these colors to have a timeless and ageless aspect.”

Pantone and sLABS have also revealed that they will work together on a limited-edition clothing collection; additional details on this collection will be made available at a later date.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.