Cryptotubbies an upcoming unique NFT collection

Cryptotubbies is a blockchain-based collection of one-of-a-kind, digital, hand-drawn collectibles. Discover your favorite YouTubers, CEOs, politicians, world leaders, and a plethora of other celebrities. Cryptotubbies can be saved, exchanged, and even used to earn cryptocurrency.

The much-loved Teletubbies have been the inspiration for a new children’s television show called Cryptotubbies. The company’s goal is to combine fond memories of one’s youth with the bright prospects of NFTs.

MrBeast, a well-known YouTube creator, has had a significant impact on the NFT project. Because the mission of Cryptotubbies is to give back to the community, the first cause that the firm will support with a gift of three percent of the proceeds from the first sale is an initiative called “The Ocean Cleanup.”

Owners of Cryptotubbies will have the opportunity to vote for or recommend a new charitable organization each month. When all of the votes are tabulated, the charitable organization that received the greatest support will be awarded three percent of the monthly royalties generated by sales in secondary markets.

Each character from The Cryptotubbies has many NFTs, each of which may be customized in a unique way using things like outfits. It has been decided that the first NFTs, also known as prototypes, of each character would be set aside for their respective celebrities, who will have the opportunity to acquire them at no cost.

Users will have the chance to win 5 free NFTs if they help spread the word about the project on social media and come forward to claim their Cryptotubbies character

YouTubers, Politicians, Dictators, CEOs, Crypto-influencers, Celebrities, Musicians, and Athletes are the nine types of Cryptotubbies. Collect three distinct types of Cryptotubbies to receive a free “Joker” Cryptotubby, which will provide users new perks and possibilities. Jokers are also uncommon, with only 499 available.

Cryptotubbies is currently hard at work developing a second batch of fictitious character NFTs that will be extremely unusual and unique. All Cryptotubbies will have access to a considerable discount when purchasing the new limited edition NFTs that are being released.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.