Patron Tequila engages in Decentraland

Tequila has reemerged in the metaverse just as the warm weather season is getting into full swing thanks to Patron Tequila, which has brought the distilled beverage to the realm of Decentraland. Patron is going to bring its classic and refreshing summer cocktails to Decentraland, and they are also going to give people the chance to win a trip for two to Mexico on their dime.

Customers can take control of three different pop-up experiences in the virtual world. As the grand prize, users will receive an extravagant trip for two to Punta Mita in Mexico

Patron will introduce three pop-up sites in the well-known metaverse, each of which will have a unique task for residents of Decentraland to complete in order to get access to the corresponding pop-up spot.

The many tequila-based cocktail recipes will serve as the source of motivation for the trips. The Silver & Soda, the Aejo Highball, and the Perfect Paloma are the three pop-ups that users can visit in Decentraland that are celebrating the Patrons cocktails of summer. At each location, the drink mixers have the opportunity to accomplish a mission and receive a badge. Users will be able to unlock limited-edition items once they have collected enough of these badges. These accessories can also be upgraded if the user completes all three quests before the time limit on them is reached.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.