ViewSonic works on metaverse education

ViewSonic has actively promoted digital transformation, transitioning from a hardware firm to a solutions company. James Chu, the company’s chairman, announced the Universe education metaverse software while outlining the key development approach of “ecosystem as a service.”

Chu emphasized how ViewSonic has changed to adapt to the quickly evolving world. The company will concentrate on aiding the education market’s digital transition. According to Chu, “ViewSonic’s electronic whiteboard already had the top spot in the global market share as of the third quarter of 2021.”

With the use of its Universe education metaverse software, conventional 2D digital education may be upgraded into a 3D interactive virtual education platform.

The objective is to address the absence of interaction and involvement and create an in-person experience for online learning

According to the statement, the envisioned “ecosystem as a service” will include hardware, software, and services. In terms of hardware and software, ViewSonic will combine its smart interactive electronic whiteboard ViewBoard with its digital teaching platform myViewBoard to offer a whole education technology solution.

According to ViewSonic, this addresses every difficulty that instructors and students might run across while trying to learn, and it also allows instructors to instantly contribute back to the development team. Over 97% of Taiwan’s middle and elementary schools have already signed up for myViewBoard, and the platform is already being used by over 150,000 instructors.

Regarding projectors, ViewSonic is presently one of the top three global brands and could contend for the top two spots in 2023. The business intends to introduce a line of commercial/educational LED projectors in the second half of 2022. The electronic signature platform ViewSign is being introduced by ViewSonic, which also offers services, and it already has ambitions to incorporate features like digital touch displays, document capture, and face screening.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.