Picsart’s New Generative AI Tool Turns Text Prompts to GIFs

Picsart’s New Generative AI Tool Turns Text Prompts to GIFs

The generative-AI industry is flourishing. One of the latest offerings from the sector is Picsart’s “AI GIF Generator,” which is a text-to-gif generator.

The AI GIF generator works in a similar fashion to an AI image generator. The GIF generator uses text prompts and style selections and then generates a GIF, the same way it would an image.

The latest release follows on the heels of Piscart’s AI image generator which was launched in late November of last year.

GIF-based communication

According to Creative Bloq, communicating with GIFs is now so popular that some users don’t even respond with text anymore. Instead, users employ GIFs to represent their intended response. GIFs can be used to express mood, action, or environment. GIFs can range from pets, wild animals, or popular movie and music stars.

This makes the AI GIF generator from Picsart a tool with potential widespread appeal.

“If you’ve been keeping up with our progress, you’re likely aware of the diverse range of innovative creations we’ve unveiled,” Picsart wrote on their blog.

“Today, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our latest (and most unhinged) addition: AI GIF Generator,”

With this new tool, one can select their own style “from steampunk to holographic, quality, colour and mood.”

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GIFs made easy

There are other platforms such as AIGIFY that allow users to create their own GIFs with over 100 styles and characters to select from. Simplified and Dall-E 2 also enable GIF generation.

Picsart’s GIF generator is the first of its kind coming from a significant photo editing platform. Users simply state what they want their GIF to contain. The company has described its latest offering as an unhinged tool.

“Simply enter a word or phrase about the GIF you want, and our AI will generate a brand new original GIF that’s never been used or seen before,” said Picsart in their Tuesday blogpost.

“As a platform that prides ourselves on all kinds of edits – from polished and professional to the wonderfully chaotic and eccentric – we’re excited for this next weapon tool for you to bring to the group chat.”

The tool is freely accessible anywhere on the web. Android and iOS versions are only available in the US, UK, Canada, Armenia, Australia and New Zealand.

How to use Picsart’s AI GIF Generator on mobile

  1. Download or update to the latest version of Picsart for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and select the “+” at the bottom of the screen, start with a blank canvas.
  3. Select “more tools” at the bottom of the screen and find “AI GIF Generator.”
  4. Input your prompt and select your desired style.
  5. Select “generate” and see your GIF appear!
Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.