PureWeb partners for a new metaverse

SuperViz, the top telepresence platform for meetings in virtual places, and PureWeb, the premier enterprise platform for streaming interactive, web-based 3D content, have teamed. With the help of this alliance, users will be able to communicate with others in real time while feeling as though they are present, all within a streaming 3D world.

Brands and companies can now host immersive 3D experiences created with Unreal Engine or Unity, stream it to any device using the PureWeb platform, and invite participants into a real-time meeting or guided tour within the experience using SuperViz’s audiovisual integration without the need for downloads or specialized equipment.

According to Kevin Viggers, Head of R&D at PureWeb, “there’s so much buzz about all the fantastic, immersive experiences that are conceivable in the metaverse.” “But the capacity to satisfy one of our fundamental human needs—to connect with others—is what will truly make the metaverse a lasting part of our life. PureWeb Reality applications can now connect with anyone and experience the metaverse thanks to this new Superviz connection.”

According to SuperViz CEO and Cofounder Russ Rive, “PureWeb’s ambition to make the metaverse accessible matches nicely with SuperViz’s mission to improve worldwide access to remote collaboration and connection where a location is the subject.” Anyone, anywhere can now use their immersive 3D experiences to communicate, do business, and collaborate inside the projects as if they were physically present thanks to this new integration.

With the help of this PureWeb x SuperViz connection, remote collaboration, guided tours, and real-time meetings may be provided for any 3D experience across all industries on a large scale

The business solution for distributing immersive 3D metaverse apps over the cloud is called PureWeb. These Unity or Unreal Engine-built applications support digital twins, corporate collaboration, customer interaction, and the upcoming generation of commercial metaverse experiences.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.