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USD/JPY dips below 113.00

A combination of factors dragged USD/JPY to the lowest level since Tuesday, October 11. Despite COVID-19, risk aversion benefited the safe-haven JPY and exerted great pressure. A sharp drop in US bond yields weighed on the USD and contributed to the decline. USD/JPY maintained its strongly offered tone during the early US session and was […]
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AUD/USD falls sharply

Retail sales rose +4.9% m-o-m in October in Australia, vs. 2.5% expected. New risk aversion in the markets due to new covid variant weighs on AUD. The pair remains under pressure, close to the yearly lows set in August. The AUD/USD pair is moving sharply lower during the European session on Friday, amid concerns about […]
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Eurozone: Growth is in jeopardy

The Eurozone economy is doing well, but the Covid-19 outbreak has resurfaced, putting a pall over economic forecasts. The PMI indices, which represent corporate confidence in the monetary union and are leading indicators of economic growth, climbed in November, above economists’ predictions. “The better-than-expected PMI indicates that the Eurozone economy
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SIX to move its operations abroad

In an interview, Chairman of the Board Thomas Wellauer revealed that SIX is considering moving some of its operations abroad, including to Spain and Poland. “In terms of developing new functions, Spain now represents a viable option,” says the report, adding that actions in Poland are also gaining traction. On the other hand, he opposed […]