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Riu Plaza Hotel opens its door in the metaverse

RIU Hotels & Resorts wants to be a metaverse pioneer. It’s making its virtual premiere with the Riu Plaza. The first hotel to open in the metaverse, it combines reality with digital recreation in AltSpace. This renowned Madrid structure delivers

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DFG is a NFT project worth looking at

Drip for Good is a collection of 5,757 hand-drawn characters that are all unique. Every one of them is on a mission to give clean, accessible water to those who are in need. Each Drip is one-of-a-kind, with hundreds of

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Timberland partners for metaverse project

Timberland announced a new metaverse experience with Fortnite on Tuesday, in collaboration with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and ConceptKicks. The relationship, which is centered on Timberland’s ‘Construct: 10061′ program, encompasses both the physical and virtual worlds and enables players and

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