Tag: MSNBC introduces its wearable NFTs in the metaverse, the industry-leading 3D fashion technology company, has launched a new innovative offering that enables designers to become metaverse-capable creators. In addition this latest step extends the company’s solutions into the world of digital fashion and NFTs. Moreover building on

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Metaverse: New ETF released on Solactive index

Many big techs start to see this revolutionary concept as their next direction of development. Meta’s new ‘Metaverse’ depicts the latest development in that segment. Through the inclusion of virtual reality content in real life, so called augmented reality, both

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ESE partners with Skinwallet for metaverse development

ESE Entertainment Inc. has signed a framework agreement with Skinwallet S.A. to develop technological and marketing solutions connected to Skinwallet’s gaming, esports, blockchain, NFT and related services and events. MetaNews. Skinwallet is a technology company that focuses on blockchain, NFT

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HECO announces metaverse development strategy

HECO, today decentralized, EVM-compatible public chain, held its first Master Builders Global Tour event in the new year in Bali, Indonesia. At the conference, they declared that in 2022, it will focus on the development of the Metaverse and gaming.

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