Valde Beauty to host the first beauty event in the metaverse

Valde Beauty is part of the Metaverse and wants you to partake in it too! The brand, founded by Peruvian American fashion, home interiors, beauty industry veteran, and businesswoman, Margarita Arriagada. Valde Beauty will be celebrating the launch of The Divine Collection and the debut of the Valdé NFT Collective on Thursday, January 27th at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET.

The historic event for the beauty industry will be held at the Ainsley Gallery in Decentraland

The first time a cosmetics company hosts a launch event in the Metaverse will take place at the Ainsley Gallery in Decentraland. Guests will be able to see the NFT artwork made to go with each piece in The Divine Collection during the celebration.

Valde Beauty


“It’s a tsunami,” says the narrator. It’s all occurring so quickly. During a virtual news conference, Arriagada told HOLA! USA and other media outlets. “It feels major, and it does feel like the relaunch of the internet because of how vast it is”. “This is primarily a male-dominated environment. And, to loop back to the brand’s mission, I believe women have a tremendous chance to help define it for us, to offer value. There is a money side, but more importantly, it is a fantastic area in which to truly participate.”

Being in the Metaverse feels intuitive for the founder of Valde Beauty

Margarita claims that being in the Metaverse feels natural to her. “It feels like I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” “This has felt like a baptism by fire,” she explained.

As the indigenous system is developing, I focus on facilitating the ushering and sharing of knowledge as well as bringing everyone to experience it”. That is how indigenous it is. It’s an amazing location with the potential to help us establish community.”

HOLA USA published that Arriagada found inspiration for the armor’s shape in a female body. The Armor vessel had to be no larger than a typical lipstick and it had to feel ergonomic to me. Two elements really contributed to this desire to create something sculptural like this. I wanted to pay tribute to her. I wanted to honor a woman’s femininity and strength, and when I first started this design, I had a super bullet pattern, but it was also reminiscent of a ballerina tutu.”

White Quartz Armor auction will come with NFT art

Only a limited number of Crystal Armors will be available. The White Quartz Armor’s first edition auction will include NFT art and a set of exclusive perks for the bearer.

All Phygital pieces come with a lifetime membership in the Valdé NFT Collective, which includes VIP experiences, benefits, and a dynamic network that supports women in the beauty industry.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.