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Sensorium launches metaverse streaming channel

The first in-engine streaming channel for the metaverse is being launched by Sensorium. The goal of this 24/7 streaming experience is to introduce viewers to the scope of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, which is currently only accessible in beta mode.

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Sensorium partners for art metaverse initiatives

Sensorium, a major metaverse developer, has announced a strategic alliance with the Humanity 2.0 Foundation, leveraging the latest AI, VR, and NFT solutions. The parties will collaborate on the creation of the world’s first VR and NFT gallery, which will

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Sensorium: $1 billion in SENSO tokens to power its metaverse

Tokens tied to functional virtual infrastructures today provide some of the most successful examples of tokenomics in action. Take Sensorium, the in-platform currency powering the ecosystem of Sensorium Galaxy, an upcoming metaverse anchored on high-end entertainment experiences. Recently, the metaverse’s

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