The Metaverse Is Hiring, With 750+ Jobs Currently Available

The Metaverse Is Hiring, With 750+ Jobs Currently Available

The metaverse is currently experiencing solid growth and is searching for fresh talent to power its forward momentum. 

MetaNews compiled a list of some of the top metaverse companies currently hiring and we’re taking a look at some bright signs for the future of the industry. If you’re looking for metaverse jobs, let us help you kickstart your search.

The metaverse is doing well

The metaverse is doing well with strong and steady growth. Despite this, the sector continues to take a pounding from media outlets who don’t yet quite understand it. By now, MetaNews readers should know to take those reports with a pinch of salt.

Recent staff cuts at Microsoft and Meta point to deeper problems at those companies, not problems with the metaverse itself.  Outside of these limited examples, the wider picture is one of growth. 

In the first quarter of 2023 metaverse platforms grew year-on-year by 15 million users. According to data gathered by research firm Metaversed the sector now has 520 million monthly active users (MAU) – and that is almost exclusively in the US and Europe.

The above figure does not include all the projects based in Asia or South America, such as the mobile-based game Garena Free Fire, which has 700 million monthly users on its own. 

On the topic of mobile access, Metaversed research further shows that at least for now, most of the platforms working on the metaverse offer browser-based experiences. This is counter to the common narrative that the metaverse can only be accessed through expensive VR headsets.

In short, the popularity and strength of the metaverse is currently underestimated by mainstream media, and it remains fundamentally misunderstood as well. All said, the picture for the metaverse is far rosier than most people have been led to believe.

Ready jobseeker one

Metaverse-related firms continue to seek top talent to help fuel their continued growth. Here are a few top metaverse picks compiled by MetaNews to get your metaverse job search started.

Roblox, the metaverse gaming sandbox that has over 200 million monthly users, currently has 211 job vacancies. These positions range across almost every department and are spread across multiple locations worldwide. There are also remote positions available in many departments including software development.
View all available vacancies at Roblox now.

VRChat, the social VR platform, currently has 21 job vacancies.
View all available vacancies at VRChat now.

Garena Free Fire, the Asian behemoth with 700 million monthly active players, currently has 55 job vacancies.
View all available vacancies at Garena now.

Rec Room, the most popular metaverse platform for Quest 2 users, currently has 53 job vacancies. In 2021 Seattle Business Magazine listed Rec Room as the #1 best medium-sized company to work for in the area.
View all available vacancies at Rec Room now.

The British metaverse firm Improbable currently has 40 job vacancies.
View all available vacancies at Improbable now.

Build a Rocket Boy currently has 59 job vacancies.
View all available vacancies at Build a Rocket Boy now.

Epic Games, the parent company responsible for Fortnite and its 80 million monthly users, currently has 361 job vacancies. The company is searching for animators, audio designers, data analytics, and marketing staff. There are also 60 vacancies in its quality and assurance department.
View all available vacancies at Epic Games now.

Happy searching!

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