ThirdEye aims at ESG solutions for Metaverse’s applications

ThirdEye, a leader in augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) enterprise solutions, announces its Carbon Footprint AR tracker. Aiding in environmental sustainability through its augmented and mixed reality platforms. The team is assisting in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in support of the EPA’s aim of a carbon-neutral green future.

Global traffic was drastically decreased as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Illustrating the impact that travel has on our globe on a regular basis. According to the EPA, the transportation sector – which includes vehicles, trucks, commercial aviation, and railroads. Contributes the most to anthropogenic U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 29 percent.



ThirdEye is helping to keep the need for global transportation at an all-time low

ThirdEye is assisting in keeping global transportation demand at an all-time low. Organizations have reduced the requirement for employee travel to onsite sites while boosting cost savings by employing ThirdEye’s augmented and mixed reality remote telepresence technologies, such as RemoteEye. Reduced staff travel saves money, according to ThirdEye’s new ROI Calculator.

“A Carbon Footprint Score for any organization that uses our RemoteEye platform is a future roadmap item for our RemoteEye platform”. ThirdEye Founder Nick Cherukuri said, “The score will be utilized to highlight how much the company is helping to bettering the environment through the usage of AR.”

“Not only are AR and MR teleconferencing platforms cost-effective because they need less travel. However they also save a lot of carbon by allowing people to exchange knowledge and operational workflows”. With augmented and mixed reality, we can offer education and telehealth to underserved places all around the world.

Furthermore, our HIPAA-compliant RespondEye platform enables doctors to view exactly what health problems a remote patient is experiencing at any time and from any location. In addition provides proper diagnoses, treatment care instructions, and additional professional medical advice to patients and stand-in caregivers. The possibilities with blended reality are infinite.”

The introduction of multi-dimensional 3D models into corporate and consumer landscapes is another benefit of AR and mixed reality

The incorporation of multi-dimensional 3D models into business and consumer landscapes is another long-term benefit of augmented and mixed reality. ThirdEye’s technology reduces the requirement for inventory, equipment, and other tangible assets by using immersive holographic replicas.

Organizations can save production emissions and expenses by replacing these products with digital replicas of themselves.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.