Virtualand and EcoSmart partner for the metaverse

A programmable 3D Metaverse has been unveiled to the world thanks to a collaboration between EcoSmart and Virtualand Tech. Collectively, they have succeeded in entering the Metaverse. NFT and smart contracts can be used to create games on several blockchain networks, including Polygon and Ethereum.

The world has undergone substantial transformation simply in the previous few years. The Metaverse, or virtual reality, is the World beyond. It is the premise of the proposed next-generation internet, which would consist of a number of interconnected systems or “Worlds.” Users can use a browser or an output device like a headset or VR glasses to access these mixed reality worlds. This makes it possible for people to interact with others who are thousands of kilometers away.

The Metaverse is led by large corporations, which have built sizable gaming studios and reliable engines, generating enormous revenues. The market for NFTs is extraordinarily large, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to millions. These trades consist of emerging digital decentralized lands, NFT digital elements, and lands that reflect fragmented areas of the planet. The assets can be traded on third-party platforms, which is only the start of users receiving full ownership.

A brand-new, cutting-edge cross-chain 3D metaverse is called Virtualand Tech. This programmable Metaverse is based on Polygon and Ethereum, and it aspires to work with some of the top blockchain-related initiatives and services.

The first ecosystem built on several blockchain smart contracts is called EcoSmart. A cutting-edge programmable 3D Metaverse has been unveiled alongside Virtualand Tech

Metaverse is the future. In the upcoming years, it will permeate every industry, creating a market opportunity with a potential annual revenue of more than $1 trillion. Its fundamental objective is to create a shared environment and economy for everyone, regardless of how far they are from one another. It will radically alter how people learn, acquire knowledge, and maintain relationships with one another.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.