Vogue is organizing a unique metaverse VR event

Vogue Business will host The Metaverse Experience, a first-of-its kind event taking place on 23 March, in partnership with Yahoo.



The event invites Vogue Business Members

Members of Vogue Business can participate in educational panels and keynote presentations that take plance in the metaverse. Attendees can learn from a variety of specialists on how to make sense of fashion’s new landscape throughout the two-hour experience. As well as visit Journee’s immersive, sensory environment built to emphasize the new technologies.

The first stop in the journey will provide an overview of essential words, themes, and milestones associated with fashion’s involvement in the metaverse.

Virtual worlds aren’t constrained by physical rules, allowing for unparalleled levels of inventiveness. Moreover, this session will cover everything there is to know about virtual worlds, from what is happening now to what is possible in the future.

The present and future of metaverse commerce

Many metaverse technologies, such as augmented reality try-on and live shopping, are now available to brands and developers. Attendees will learn how brands may effectively prepare for metaverse commerce, as well as how this will affect the future.

This talk will join the dots between two current topics: the metaverse and NFTs. In addition, it will highlight previous projects and preview upcoming drops, taking a deep dive into the opportunities for brands.

Although laws have not yet caught up with the metaverse, brands can begin preparing today. The most essential legal considerations when creating digital objects and developing virtual spaces will be explained in this workshop.

Yahoo is collaborating with up-and-coming designers to use augmented reality, holograms, gaming, and QR codes to connect the next generation with their digital selves. Additionally, the progress of current brand efforts reveals the future of Gen Z in the metaverse, according to this interview.

The Vogue Business and Yahoo Metaverse Experience will take place on March 23, at 1 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. GMT.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.