VR utilized in education, as part of the ESL curriculum

Virtual reality (VR), according to CVCC, allows students learning English to obtain practical experience in the real world.

Students studying English as a second language may need to employ a variety of educational resources to increase their fluency. With real-world experience being a key part of it. Indeed, a new practice tool is now available for anyone enrolled in Catawba Valley Community College’s ESL program.

The College and Career Readiness ESL Department at CVCC announced on Wednesday that it is now adopting virtual reality (VR) headsets as part of the Virtual Language Experience Program (VLEP). Which will begin in the autumn of 2021. According to CVCC, this allows students to immerse themselves in real-life circumstances. As well as places, in order to improve their English skills.



Katie Bowman, an EFL instructor, stated, “I’ve liked guiding my EFL students in virtual reality learning”. “I can take my kids to all kinds of’real world’ places that I couldn’t take them to in the classroom,” says the teacher. Moreover, students have used virtual restaurants, airports, auto dealerships, motels, and a doctor’s office to practice their English. Students are having a great time and putting their new language abilities to use in a variety of situations. Virtual reality may be both entertaining and informative.”

CVCC said it is utilizing funding to assist introduce students to industry-specific terminology in comparable virtual classroom experiences, in addition to some of the day-to-day activities.

Programmers are creating material for workforce development. It will entail providing industry-specific terminology to help English language learners better integrate into a range of job environments.

Furthermore, firms who hire CVCC graduates who have undergone the expanded ESL immersions will notice the effects, according to Dr. Chanell Butler Morello, assistant dean of College and Career Readiness.

“We’re pleased to provide a virtual experience for our English language learners to study English vocabulary in the context of professional preparation. Therefore, this enables students to speak effectively in the workplace, which is really beneficial to our local business partners “she stated

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.