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Vueling partners for unique metaverse

A strategic partnership including Vueling Airlines will thrive to build tools and services that will allow “Next Earthians” to plan real-world journeys, measure carbon emissions, and book “carbon positive” transportation via the Metaverse and Iomob’s companion app.

Next Earth is a unicorn that focuses on sustainability. Iomob, a pioneering blockchain business designing a decentralized protocol for the world’s first Mobility Marketplace Network and token, has announced a cooperation with Metaverse. The agreement will combine Iomob and Next Earth smoothly through Limitless, the Metaverse integrator and go-to full stack solution for established brands and startups.

“Next Earth and Iomob are simply the perfect match and use case,” says Gabor Retfalvi, CEO of Next Earth

“Developing tools within Next Earth to visualize and experience sustainable travel fundamentally coincides with the natural progression that drives our ecosystem and provides a fantastic next step for our firm.”

The collaboration of Next Earth, Iomob, and Vueling Airlines, the first airline to accept bookings via the Metaverse, brings together three distinct organizations with the potential to greatly impact environmental issues. Iomob is a “real world” transportation provider that enables customers plan A-to-B trips and schedule a variety of services such as taxis, scooters, and more. Vueling Airlines will make genuine flight bookings in Next Earth, which will be available via QR codes and a smartphone app.

“We’re collaborating with Next Earth to build the transportation infrastructure that will enable a more interesting and purposeful way to travel the globe,” stated Iomob CEO Boyd Cohen. “With airlines constantly thinking ways to be visible in the Metaverse, extending our collaboration with Vueling Airlines to complement their Web3 bookings is an excellent move for everyone.”

With its one-to-one replica of the Earth, Next Earth is quickly becoming the epicenter of the Metaversal Industrial Revolution. In the meantime, True Global Ventures, A100x, and Creas have invested in Iomob. By utilizing 7,000 taxi fleets, micro-mobility in 270+ cities, thousands of parking spots, and 480+ public transport feeds, this new business makes intermodal mobility more accessible.

Vueling’s Distribution Strategy and Alliances Manager, Jesus Monzo, said, “Visualizing real-world journeys and utilizing a Metaverse interface to select and book the least polluting trip has never been done before.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.