Wunderman Thompson makes its metaverse platform official at CES

As more and more brands experiment with metaverse activations. Wunderman Thompson is launching a new virtual environment to give the agency’s clients a sense of the capabilities this futuristic space has to offer.

Wunderman Thompson announced the rollout in partnership with Odyssey during the CES

During a conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Thursday, the agency announced the launch in collaboration with metaverse platform Odyssey. Clients will be able to study various trends in metaverse marketing in the space. Which will include “inspiration kiosks” that give insights from the agency’s research studies on the technology.

Wunderman Thompson


“We can truly start showing clients how our virtual and physical worlds may collide here. Moreover explore the parts of the metaverse that will revolutionize the way we do business,” Emma Chiu. Global director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, said.

A brief video sample showed how the area may be used for everything from virtual retail outlets to bringing basic games to life and immersing people in natural landscapes through their avatars.

Odyssey CEO Reid SantaBarbara remarked, “Historically, CES has been a forum for marketers to exhibit their most forward-thinking work”. “With the rising interest in the metaverse, we wanted to provide an experience that added to CES’ tradition of innovation.”

Wunderman Thompson made use of Odyssey’s pixel streaming service

Odyssey’s pixel streaming service made the metaverse environment available from any mobile or desktop computer. Even without immersive equipment such as virtual reality headsets or external controllers.

“The Odyssey crew has been amazing collaborators from idea to execution,” Chiu remarked. “Because of their platform’s use of pixel streaming technology. In addition our metaverse is now accessible without the requirement of high-end computer gear or software. Allowing individuals to join from anywhere in the globe to learn about the subtleties of this new realm and create a road map for admittance.”

The idea of a shared metaverse populated by video game-like avatars has gained ground in the last year. Making it a hot subject at this year’s CES. With a number of exhibitors and participants canceling the exhibition due to an increase in Covid-19 cases around the country. The conference has had to depend more heavily on its virtual content.

In fact, Wunderman stated that the metaverse setting proved to be a useful tool to communicate with clients who were unable to attend this year’s exhibition.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.