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  • 'American Idol' alum dies at 32
    Singer and model Joanne Borgella, an "American Idol" contestant in 2008, died on Saturday at age 32 after a battle with cancer, her family said on her Facebook page.
  • Sweden hunts for mystery sub
    There are fears of Russians and it is October, but it is not a Tom Clancy novel. It is a case of international naval intrigue off the Swedish coast that
  • Holder rips Panetta for dissing Obama
    Attorney General Eric Holder took aim at former Defense and CIA chief Leon Panetta on Monday, whose recently-published memoir accused President Barack Obama of vacillating over policy in Syria and
  • Holder reveals his biggest failure?
    Attorney General Eric Holder spoke with CNN's Evan Perez about the highs and lows of his six years in Obama's cabinet.
  • Mom: No 'Breaking Bad' at Toys R Us
    "Breaking Bad's" Walter White may have cleverly dodged authorities during his career as a drug kingpin, but his action figure hasn't dodged the wrath of a Florida mother.
  • Judge scolds lawyer with baby in court
    An Atlanta judge reportedly reprimanded an immigration attorney for bringing her 4-week-old to court for a hearing -- a hearing she asked the judge to reschedule because she was on
  • Royal baby's due date revealed
    Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will become parents for a second time in April 2015.
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  • Tips for move preparation
    Moving is stressful. Being organized and planning in advance can help relive that stress. If youre moving in the near future, the following are some tips that you
  • Keeping things simple
    2013 Unitasker Wednesday: Eggo Expand-O Another very odd, yet specific, food storage container! Tech suggestions for dealing with stuff Actions, projects, reference, and trash #8212; technological solutions for
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Infant Whirlpool Bubbling Spa
    Sometimes we get bogged down when uncluttering or organizing because we make things too complicated. The following are some examples of ways to avoid complexity and get things
  • Organize wiry earbuds
    Lets call our foot spa a baby whirlpool! A baby will totally fit in there!
  • Schedule a Little Jobs Day to get lingering items off your to-do list
    2012 Make up your mind! How to make the process of decision making easier Making important decisions can be stressful, but being organized with your approach can make
  • Book Review: The Organized Mind
    There you have several ways to tidy up insidious little earbuds and their cables. Now get to it, and enjoy the look of your earbuds for a change.
  • Not a unitasker: The waffle maker
    Seeing uncompleted tasks on my list week after week is a little depressing and at times it becomes overwhelming. In order to cope with this, every few months

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