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  • Blog Cal Newport
    Author - Study Hacks
  • Facebook Phreaks and the Fight to Reclaim Time and Attention
    A Minimalist Trend Last week, I sent a note to my email list asking readers about their personal digital minimalism strategies. Ive only just begun wading through the
  • From Tools to Tool Uses
    Rethinking How We Think About Tools In thinking about digital tools we naturally draw analogies to the physical world. In this latter context, tools are often engineered for a
  • On Value and Digital Minimalism
    The Complexities of Simple The core idea of digital minimalism is to be more intentional about technology in your life. Digital minimalists carefully curate these technologies to best
  • Top Performer is Open
    The Return of Top Performer Top Performer, a career mastery course developed over the past four years by myself and Scott Young, is open this week for new registrations.
  • Are You Working In Your Career or On Your Career?
    As you may know, over the past four years Scott Young and I developed an online course about career mastery called Top Performer. It teaches you how to apply the
  • Stephen Hawkings Productive Laziness
    Hawkings Fixed Schedule Productivity In the 1980s, at the height of his intellectual productivity, Stephen Hawking used to head home from his office between five and six. He

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