Day: May 14, 2022

Facebook Pay renames to Meta Pay

As the metaverse business becomes more competitive, the company formerly known as Facebook has announced that it will soon rename its advanced installments stage, now known as Facebook Pay, to Meta Pay. The organization believes that the metaverse can expand

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Lootex holds first Asian metaverse fashion show

Lootex was asked to assist OneOffs in curating a journey through art and fashion at the Breeze Center in Fuxing Taipei. “Fashion in the Metaverse,” simply but effectively categorized, included some of the most renowned NFT collections as well as

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Tripolygon empowers metaverse creators

Participating in play-to-earn games, purchasing virtual real estate, and generating 3D assets on metaverse platforms like Roblox, AltspaceVR, and VRChat are all ways to generate money in the metaverse. Tripolygon, a South Korean 3D modeling software company, allows metaverse users

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Nvidia launches the Inspur MetaEngine

Nvidia just launched Inspur MetaEngine, which is part of the  metaverse product line for the Nvidia OVX ecosystem. The Inspur MetaEngine is intended to be the company’s first entry into the Omniverse, or Metaverse space. The new Inspur MetaEngine platform

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Metabloqs develops spatial metaverse

Metabloqs and Metavize Technology Solutions Limited (“Metavize”) have established a collaborative agreement to deliver 3D spatial development and architectural services to organizations interested in investing in properties and creating projects in Metabloqs’ “meta-cities.” Metavize is a cutting-edge full-service 3D spatial

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Beats Bears is a new NFT collection

The Beats Bears NFT collection aspires to make a lasting impression on NFT fans. Felicia Pizzonia, a partner in a book publishing house, Ultimate Publishing House, and Founder of Love Mode, with multiple bestselling books such as “Mind Candy” and

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