Nvidia launches the Inspur MetaEngine

Nvidia just launched Inspur MetaEngine, which is part of the  metaverse product line for the Nvidia OVX ecosystem. The Inspur MetaEngine is intended to be the company’s first entry into the Omniverse, or Metaverse space.

The new Inspur MetaEngine platform is a server powered by NVIDIA A40 GPUs

Gavin Wang, Inspur’s Senior Manager Senior AI Product Manager, recently talked about the company’s new offering and how the new technologies are being used. “Companies are adopting new technologies in a few distinct areas”, according to him. “Several of Inspur’s cloud CSP customers, like Baidu and Alibaba, are developing community platforms for the metaverse era. To host these new platforms, these huge providers will need to create large infrastructure. Businesses benefit greatly from being on the ground floor of a new platform. As just a few instances, we can see this in the search, online markets, video sharing/streaming, gaming, and messaging platform arenas. Large providers are now developing metaverse platforms”.

Aside from that, there are a number of design and simulation initiatives. This could involve digital twins or digitally reproducing tangible things or surroundings. It can also involve robotics applications, which are becoming increasingly popular, according to my sources.

Several organizations are utilizing these platforms for design and simulation work in order to develop next-generation products, as well as structures and factories. Customers in the government and financial services sectors also use the platform for banking applications. These servers are also being considered for use in NLP applications such as text to speech and speech to text.

Nvidia OVX/ Omniverse software isn’t the only software used by Inspur. It also has its own management software, such as Inspur AIStation. Customers employ third-party apps, and Inspur is integrating a number of these programs so that they may be used on the MetaEngine platform.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.