Day: June 5, 2022

Tamacorgi is an incoming NFT drop

The Ethereum blockchain will soon see the launch of a new collection of non-fungible tokens called Tamacorgi. This collection will consist of 3,888 enchanted corgis. Tamacorgi holders will have access to a wider variety of helpful services as a result

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ComplexLand is a metaverse digital hub

Complex Networks, a media and entertainment company, recently relaunched its ComplexLand 3.0 platform with a variety of new brand partners for the year 2022. The online, open-world platform has introduced a number of new gamified experiences with the likes of

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Cult helps businesses enter the metaverse

An independent creative agency known as Cult Futures has announced that it will soon be launching a virtual hub with the intention of assisting brands as they make their entrance into the metaverse. The purpose of the online space, which

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