Adidas boosts metaverse efforts with Ozworld

The dawn of the originality era has arrived. No labels attached to it. Completely encompassing. Free from the constraints that real life imposes on us. In Ozworld, an artificial intelligence creates a one-of-a-kind digital avatar for you based on your personality.

By completing simple tasks based on the latest Ozworld collection, users can have Ozworld develop a unique digital avatar for them

An artificial intelligence will take user input and create an original avatar that reflects their preferences as accurately as possible. Users can share a bit of information about themselves with the avatar by dragging up and down, tapping, holding, or selecting. After they have created the avatar, they will be able to download it as a sticker pack that they can use on their various social and messaging apps. Users are also able to bring their avatar across the metaverse thanks to an innovative collaboration with ready player me. This allows users to explore hundreds of virtual worlds while maintaining a single identity throughout their travels.

The launch of the Ozworld platform is the next bold step in adidas Originals’ ambition to create a truly open and optimistic metaverse for all users. Ozworld will champion new possibilities for users to create, collaborate, and feel a sense of belonging.

The majority of the avatars that we use to express ourselves online are either cookie-cutter representations that are free to use or custom illustrations that cost money. ¨Anyone has the ability to express themselves digitally in a manner that is both unique and consistent when using Ozworld¨

An email containing an access code will be sent to users after they have successfully created their avatar at and opted in to connect their avatar to their account. In addition to this, an email will be sent to the user just a few moments before their avatar is made available on ready player me. Users will simply enter the code after logging into ready player me to view their avatar. Beginning on May 11th, the avatars will be made available to the public in stages.

Beginning on May 11th and continuing until August 31st, the avatars will be made available for purchase in waves. Because of this, the final batch will be made available on RPM on September 16th.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.