DeLorean files new metaverse trademarks

Individuals, businesses, and organizations are turning more frequently to the use of non-fungible tokens as they look for novel approaches to connect with their target demographics in this age that is transitioning into virtual reality, also known as the metaverse. The DeLorean Motor Company is one of the most recent automakers to enter the NFT and metaverse realm.

The DeLorean, specifically the DMC DeLorean, is best recognized for its appearance in the Back to the Future film trilogy, where it plays the role of the time machine

As a result of its appearance in the Back to the Future film series, the DeLorean has become one of the most recognizable on-screen cars of all time. On May 30, the company that is responsible for manufacturing the car submitted two trademark applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for both DMC and DeLorean.

On Friday, June 3, a licensed trademark attorney named Michael Kondoudis revealed the news via his Twitter account. The application signaled plans for virtual automobiles, NFT-backed media, and retailers that offer virtual cars.

Indeed, these files are emblematic of a developing trend in which renowned people and well-known businesses are expressing an interest in the metaverse and NFTs. This interest has been shown in a variety of ways, including investing in the technology, writing about it, and so on.

McLaren Automotive, a British company that manufactures luxury supercars, made an announcement in April about the launch of McLaren Special Operations LAB. This was followed by the launch of an exclusive new digital community that represents the next chapter in the company’s strategy for the metaverse.

It is essential to emphasize that despite the fact that NFTs have only been around for a very short period of time, there is an increasing level of interest in them. According to findings from research carried out by Finbold, the number of trademark applications for NFT in the United States skyrocketed by more than 400 times in 2021, with the highest number of reports coming in during the month of December.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.