Team Akeo is a privately designed NFT project

The NFT collection, also known as Team Akeo, is a privately run business that was conceived of as a way to combine the concepts of technology, art, music, fashion, culture, and magic. Members will have the chance to submit initiatives, contribute to those projects, invest in those projects, and co-build those projects. This opportunity will only be available to members. Team Akeo is going to provide assistance for growth in addition to resources in the form of money.

“The advent of the metaverse paves the way for a plethora of new possibilities inside the next digital era. The members of Team Akeo are planning to organize a community effort to leave their mark in a variety of locations. To begin, there will be a collection of NFTs that was created in secret.”

The company that is responsible for the initiative,, is a prominent NFT publisher

The Project Podcast and YouTube channel are scheduled to start following the mint, and only holders will have access to the unique early pre-release content and in-person events that will take place. Holders can anticipate receiving giveaways of freebies and WL spaces from partner initiatives as a result of the combined influence of and Team Akeo. Sponsorship opportunities will also be available. A portion of royalties will be utilized to contribute back into the DAO fund in order to finance community grants, giveaways, partnerships, goods, NFT news editorial, and investments.

Once the post-mint DAO has been founded, the Alpha search will begin, and it will make use of the increased reach provided by the parent project in order to present greater WL options. This search will take place after the post-mint DAO has been created.



Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.