Day: June 4, 2022

DeLorean files new metaverse trademarks

Individuals, businesses, and organizations are turning more frequently to the use of non-fungible tokens as they look for novel approaches to connect with their target demographics in this age that is transitioning into virtual reality, also known as the metaverse.

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Adidas boosts metaverse efforts with Ozworld

The dawn of the originality era has arrived. No labels attached to it. Completely encompassing. Free from the constraints that real life imposes on us. In Ozworld, an artificial intelligence creates a one-of-a-kind digital avatar for you based on your

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CryptoGirls is an intriguing upcoming NFT project

The CryptoGirlsClub is an ecosystem that consists of 10,001 amazing, one-of-a-kind, and different women who are prepared to dominate the NFT Space. The ideas of diversity, inclusiveness, and equality are the foundation upon which the community grows. There are 10,001

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Galaxy Racer is investing $25M in Quint Ecosystem

Galaxy Racer (GXR), a Dubai-based transmedia powerhouse focused on esports, content creators, music, and sports, has recently revealed its partnership with Quint ecosystem. Galaxy Racer will invest $25M in QUINT’s cryptocurrency ecosystem per the terms of the deal. QUINT’s token

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Nissan unveiled a VR dealership

Nissan aims to use the metaverse to make it easier for customers to look through its new line of electric vehicles. According to Autoweek, the company established its own virtual world on the VRChat platform last month, allowing visitors to

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Krause House engages in metaverse sports league

Krause House was founded by basketball purists and fans. They want the NBA’s first fan-owned franchise. DAOs are described by ambitious contributors as demanding for one, doable for many. Moreover, founders say members can vote on general management, tickets, merchandise,

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