Nissan unveiled a VR dealership

Nissan aims to use the metaverse to make it easier for customers to look through its new line of electric vehicles. According to Autoweek, the company established its own virtual world on the VRChat platform last month, allowing visitors to examine the brand’s latest eco-friendly vehicle improvements.

Users can tour a virtual recreation of Nissan’s brand experience gallery in Tokyo, Japan, in the Nissan Crossing Experience. Users can interact with realistic 3D models of the Nissan Sakura and Nissan Ariya in this area. Visitors can even sit in the driver’s seat and interact with these computerized autos. A nice coffee shop with Nissan-themed lattes can be found on the second floor of the multi-level dealership; a little but charming addition.

Nissan has now released a second environment inside VRChat named Nissan Sakura Driving Island, in addition to the Nissan Crossing experience. Users can sit in the driver’s seat of the Nissan Sakura and have a spin around a lovely island setting. Users, unfortunately, do not have control over the virtual car. Instead, visitors are chauffeured about the island, allowing guests to take in the intricate interior as well as the breathtaking scenery.

The company’s decision to use virtual reality to help increase its consumer base is a wise one

Previously only Tokyo residents could visit the Nissan brand experience gallery, but now everyone, regardless of their physical location, can go there to learn more about the company’s new electric mini-vehicles. Nissan is the latest firm to embrace virtual reality and the metaverse to promote itself. Wendy’s, the popular American fast-food company, debuted its own virtual world inside Horizon Worlds, Meta’s own VR social network, earlier this year. The NBA Lane experience, a virtual world created in conjunction with the National Basketball Association to commemorate the league’s historic 75th anniversary, was then launched.

In VRChat, both the Nissan Crossing and Nissan Sakura Driving experiences are available to the public. Visitors can explore the worlds on a regular computer or in virtual reality using a PC VR or Meta Quest headset.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.