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Metaverse June 4, 2022

Nissan unveiled a VR dealership



Nissan aims to use the metaverse to make it easier for customers to look through its new line of electric vehicles. According to Autoweek, the company established its own virtual world on the VRChat platform last month, allowing visitors to examine the brand’s latest eco-friendly vehicle improvements.

Users can tour a virtual recreation of Nissan’s brand experience gallery in Tokyo, Japan, in the Nissan Crossing Experience. Users can interact with realistic 3D models of the Nissan Sakura and Nissan Ariya in this area. Visitors can even sit in the driver’s seat and interact with these computerized autos. A nice coffee shop with Nissan-themed lattes can be found on the second floor of the multi-level dealership; a little but charming addition.

Nissan has now released a second environment inside VRChat named Nissan Sakura Driving Island, in addition to the Nissan Crossing experience. Users can sit in the driver’s seat of the Nissan Sakura and have a spin around a lovely island setting. Users, unfortunately, do not have control over the virtual car. Instead, visitors are chauffeured about the island, allowing guests to take in the intricate interior as well as the breathtaking scenery.

The company’s decision to use virtual reality to help increase its consumer base is a wise one

Previously only Tokyo residents could visit the Nissan brand experience gallery, but now everyone, regardless of their physical location, can go there to learn more about the company’s new electric mini-vehicles. Nissan is the latest firm to embrace virtual reality and the metaverse to promote itself. Wendy’s, the popular American fast-food company, debuted its own virtual world inside Horizon Worlds, Meta’s own VR social network, earlier this year. The NBA Lane experience, a virtual world created in conjunction with the National Basketball Association to commemorate the league’s historic 75th anniversary, was then launched.

In VRChat, both the Nissan Crossing and Nissan Sakura Driving experiences are available to the public. Visitors can explore the worlds on a regular computer or in virtual reality using a PC VR or Meta Quest headset.


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TEC brings variety in the NFT space



This project, known as The Excorcist’s Cookbook, is centered on the version of the metaverse known as the Sandbox that is currently available. Because this will be a play-to-learn game, the objective is to create a fictitious universe in which players take on the role of a bounty hunter tasked with tracking down both demons and people.

Even though the aesthetics in the Sandbox are limited at the moment, the developer is not going to let this deter them from designing fantastic gameplay features that will not only please the holders but also compensate those who are not voxel fans. The undertaking is significantly more extensive than the holders would ordinarily anticipate.

“We are planning to construct the largest map that we are capable of, complete with both above-ground fields and an underground tube network if at all possible. We have plans to introduce more complex melee combat mechanics, firearms, talents, and spells, as well as multiple classes with a variety of distinct playstyles.”

Each of the NFT will be playable in the game, and the first collection will be representative of the hunter class, which will mostly concentrate on gunfights

“We are going to launch the second collection exactly one month after we reach the point when 100 percent of the first collection has been sold, at which point we will expose the second collection to the public. On the pre-sale, the privilege to mint is going to be reserved only for the holders.”

The company is intending to introduce their very own cryptocurrency once all of the items in the second collection have been sold. This money will be generated automatically by holders for each of their assets; hence, the more assets they have, the more it will generate.

“We are not going to pause after the introduction of our currency for any reason. Since we have made it this far, we are going to celebrate by purchasing the first plot of land in the Sandbox and getting started on the actual game production! From this point on, we are going to inundate you with information regarding every strategy as well as every facet of the next game.”

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Volvo will host a new launch in the metaverse



The official debut of the XC40 Recharge, Volvo Cars India’s first all-electric model, will take place on metaverse, the company said on Monday. The event, which is scheduled for July 26, will include the eagerly anticipated price reveal for the XC40 Recharge in India. Another first follows the announcement that the XC40 Recharge will be the first luxury EV to be built in India.

This will be the first time an automobile will be launched in India using dawn technology from the metaverse

The creation of the metaverse, a collection of numerous distinct virtual environments, elevates the internet to a new futuristic 3-D level. The XC40 Recharge’s launch in the metaverse will mark the beginning of a new era of digital connectivity that offers a 3D experience.

Mindshare and its collaborating partners created the Metaverse launch. “Volvo is renowned for utilizing technology to create high-tech, safe vehicles. Utilizing metaverse’s possibilities is simply one more instance of how Volvo Car is making use of cutting-edge technology from a marketing perspective. This is the first new launch to take place on this platform in the history of the Indian auto industry. According to Jyoti Malhotra, managing director of Volvo Car India, “We are certain that the XC40 Recharge will be widely embraced by customers who are looking for an EV with all the safety and luxuries features that Volvo Cars are famous with.”

Amin Lakhani, CEO of South Asia Mindshare, commented on this innovative project on the metaverse by saying, “Innovation and creativity play a critical role and are helping to the success of our sector. We strive to provide our clients with tech-enabled, creative marketing solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to give customers distinctive brand experiences is an ongoing endeavour. By working together and leveraging the skills of partners like Hogarth, Yonder, Grey, and Genesis BCW, Mindshare aims to assist companies in forging closer connections with their target consumers. With the debut of Volvo’s first ever EV, we are thrilled to make Metaverse history.”

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COSMETA unveils HR metaverse project



The first-ever HR blockchain startup, according to COSMETA. The company works with the largest group of Korean-American students in the world even though it is based in Delaware, USA. That’s because of its contacts with more than 100 Korean student unions at American universities.

Currently, COSMETA collaborates with big and small US businesses to offer HR services. The business, which was founded in 2021, aims to create the COSMETA INTERNATIONAL group in Malta to offer users reliable blockchain services. It also has aspirations to provide other blockchain-based products, such as games, an NFT marketplace, an NFT exchange, HR services in the metaverse, and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The company’s Ethereum-based proof-of-stake (PoS) currency, Crypto International (CRI), is one of the major components of COSMETA. The core of the ecosystem that COSMETA is constructing to offer consumers a wide range of products, including staking, will be CRI. Holders of CRI tokens will also be able to take part in the expansion of the ecosystem.

In August, the COSMETA team will roll out a second-generation wallet, which should increase user interest

The Manitou system, on which the wallet is based, enables CRI users to form groups for assistance from one another. Additionally, it makes bigger prizes available to those who have made major contributions to CRI.

The new feature will be a survey with a token airdrop option for respondents. Additionally, users can get cryptocurrency prizes for submitting their resumes to the portal.

The ILO/IDO phase of the project on Unicrypt, which is anticipated to take place this July, is another significant milestone on COSMETA’s agenda. The token’s DEX activities will benefit from more liquidity as a result of this event. The team also mentioned that it would shortly begin a whitelist campaign for a future lottery.

And last, COSMETA plans to integrate a payment mechanism into its network by the end of 2023. The project should also have a fully operational HR Metaverse by 2025.

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