Krause House engages in metaverse sports league

Krause House was founded by basketball purists and fans. They want the NBA’s first fan-owned franchise. DAOs are described by ambitious contributors as demanding for one, doable for many. Moreover, founders say members can vote on general management, tickets, merchandise, and collaborations for NBA teams.

A Rumble Kong League Club NFT is available at Krause House. Joining this club will give you control of a team in the inaugural metaverse sports league. An NBA franchise will be owned and managed by a community of crypto and sports lovers operating as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Their concept of community ownership and administration is built on web3 technology, and it gives NFT holders the opportunity to vote on DAO’s portfolio of clubs.

Equity and governance define ownership. Long-term, this means sports fans can jointly own a team. Moreover, founders have ownership and governance power

The new DAO paradigm was difficult to explain to both sports fans and leagues, which made it a challenging task. It is an innovative approach to the management of teams that draws on the opinions and suggestions of members of the community. Over 4,000 different people helped spread their message by sharing it on social media and also by talking about it within their own personal groups and professional networks.

In addition, one of the difficulties was recruiting people to take part in the community, and another was developing a functioning model based on the votes of NFT holders. The team assisted contributors in making the shift away from a top-down approach and toward individualism and creativity. It provides assistance to sports fans and potential contributors in the process of establishing imaginative fan interaction programs.

They intend to become the NBA’s first local franchise to operate in the metaverse. It will be the most successful team on the internet, complete with NFT and memes, token drops, discord servers, community managers, and other perks.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.