Alibaba and Avalanche Partner to Create Metaverse Launchpad

Alibaba and Avalanche Partner to Create Metaverse Launchpad

Chinese multinational Alibaba is partnering with layer-1 blockchain provider Avalanche to help third-party businesses launch in the metaverse.

The announcement came on Thursday last week as part of the Avalanche II summit. The event took place over three days in Barcelona, Spain.

Partners in the virtual space

According to Avalanche, the Cloudverse launchpad is the next step in the relationship between the two firms. In December 2022, Avalanche began utilizing Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure (IaaS) to spin up Avalanche validator nodes.

Now Alibaba Cloud will be leveraged to offer Cloudverse; a rapid metaverse deployment solution.

“With Cloudverse, Alibaba Cloud’s millions of clients can easily deploy custom metaverses and unlock new dimensions for consumers,” said Avalanche on Twitter.

Avalanche went on to add, “Cloudverse gives businesses an easy, white-glove, and cost-effective way to expand their brands to the Web3 virtual world.”

Alibaba and Avalanche will be joined by MUA DAO, the third partner in the endeavor. 

Alibaba will bring scalable, efficient, and secure cloud infrastructure while MUA DAO will play the role of architect and middleware provider. It will be the duty of MUA DAO to help integrate and customize individual metaverse visions into a grander whole.

All-in-one metaverse

Together Alibaba, Avalanche, and MUA DAO offer the tantalizing prospect of a turnkey solution for metaverses, enabling brands to quickly turn concepts into virtual worlds. 

The combined active users of Alibaba are said to surpass one billion, suggesting a massive opportunity for Web3.

John Wu, the President of Ava Labs (Avalanche) was keen to talk up the partnership and its possibilities at launch.

“Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche continue to change how enterprises can create value and seize the opportunities of Web3,” said Wu.

“Cloudverse powered by Avalanche offers millions of consumer-facing businesses a quick, low-overhead, one-stop gateway into Web3. We look forward to seeing how businesses expand into the Cloudverse — and to continuing to build the future with Alibaba Cloud.”

Raymond Xiao, Head of International Web3 Solutions at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence was similarly extolling the virtues of the deal.

“Through the launch of the metaverse launchpad on Avalanche for CloudVerse, we are excited to offer businesses a way to kickstart their metaverse journeys and drive innovations and new possibilities for their businesses while elevating customer experiences,”  said Xiao. ”Our extensive offerings in cloud computing, storage and networking support businesses’ entry into the Web3 ecosystem, in line with our focus at Alibaba Cloud to support an open digital economy.”

What do Cloudverse clients get?

Clients that sign up to Cloudverse will receive support in a number of areas including visuals, metaeconomics, interactive functions, events, and continued metaverse operation.

Alibaba and Avalanche are marketing their service as end-to-end, from initial engagement through the planning stages and implementation. Once the metaverse is launched Avalanche promise continual operation and support.

According to Avalanche a metaverse venue can be launched within 30 days of engagement within Alibaba Cloud.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.