Alo Yoga joins the metaverse on Roblox

Alo Yoga, the Los Angeles-based yoga lifestyle brand, which sells men’s and women’s activewear, outerwear, apparel, accessories and beauty products under the “air, land and ocean” ethos is trying out the metaverse.

Beginning today, customers may visit a virtual Alo Yoga Sanctuary in the metaverse via the online game platform Roblox and an avatar dressed in Alo apparel. The virtual alter ego can relax with some yoga and meditation once there.

Alo Yoga


In the metaverse you have your digital identity

“You have your digital identity in the metaverse,” said Christina Wootton, Roblox’s vice president of global brand partnerships. “How you express yourself. Whether it’s through digital fashion, virtual beauty, or other means, is quite significant”. Brands view this as a chance to interact with their customers. Even if it’s a two-way discussion where they can cooperate, produce, and get real-time feedback.”

Last year, one in every five Gen Z users on Roblox, the platform’s fastest-growing group, altered their avatar on a daily basis.

“As a result, we find people who are really concerned about their appearance and who purchase very current [fashion] goods,” Wootton added. “We anticipate that as technology advances, you will be able to accomplish anything on Roblox”. There are no limits to what you can develop or achieve.”

Alo Yoga isn’t looking to capitalize off the space

Alo Yoga isn’t aiming to take use of the location just yet. While some companies allow customers to purchase stuff on the platform using Robux, a virtual currency that can be acquired with real money, the virtual Alo Yoga store does not sell anything. They can only be obtained via experiences, such as attending yoga courses and meditation sessions.

Vendette added, “This is our first venture into the metaverse; it’s also our first foray into digital fashion”. “Right now, we’re not focused on selling digital fashion, and selling digital apparel isn’t in the strategy”. Right now, we’re not in that place. However, we do want people to be able to experience Alo in all of its forms, whether in real life or in the metaverse. So, whether it’s attending a class, taking a deep breath, or wearing Alo, it’s all good. And the digital fashion is merely a sign of their gratitude for putting themselves first.”

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.