Ayoken aims at promoting entertainment collectibles in the metaverse

Ayoken aims to be the world’s leading platform for buying digital collectibles, and social tokens from the biggest musicians, visual artists, creatives and influencers in the world.

Central to the company core, is driving real world adoption of digital collectibles powered by blockchain technology. Moreover, the company plans to onboard millions of users, from all corners of the globe.

Ayoken platform will support creatives to launch everything from digital & album art, to digital collectibles and utility driven social tokens. Additionally, these will grant fans exclusive access to unreleased footage, live events, merchandise, and early access to albums.



User unboarding

The onboarding process is designed to be as simple as possible for users. Moreover users can connect via browser or any device by logging in using their email address, phone number, Google login or their preferred wallet.

Users will be able to personalise their recommendations over time, based on their purchase history, and selected interests. Moreover, referred users will be able to access the signup page instantly, and complete the unboarding flow.

Digital collectibles

Users are able to view digital collectibles, both on their profile, and within the secondary marketplace. The information contained, includes recent purchase and ownership history (usernames only), artists and creative information, any utility benefits, serial numbers, exclusivity status, and the relevant content.

Mainstream adoption

Ayokoen vision is to serve millions of users around the world, by making buying and trading digital collectibles, simple, fast and frictionless. Users will be able to purchase digital collectibles using their debit card. They will also have the option of paying in our own AYO token, or another cryptocurrency of their choice.

Fans will be able to claim their collectibles on-site by scanning a QR Code. In addition,the beauty of Ayokenr platform, is that creatives will be able to share a collectible with their fans, without the need for wallets or cryptocurrency. Digital collectibles and giveaway links will be promoted via email, social media and SMS.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.