MetagamZ, an inmersive VR world for game developers

MetagamZ is a ‘Metaverse of Games’, an immersive Virtual World where game developers can build and launch games with a number of value added DeFi features. That increase value for the community, making it more decentralized, transparent and focussed on user experience.



Players can earn rewards and assets by playing their favorite games

Players can earn NFTs and rewards by playing their favorite games in the metaverse. While investors and token holders profit from virtual land ownership, leasing, and advertising.

With the MetagamZ platform, small, medium, and large game publishing companies can publish their games and convert conventional online games into crypto games. Moreover with the trust and transparency of the MetagamZ umbrella, gamers may discover and play the most promising and value-producing games.

Imagine exploring a virtual reality world where game companies have their own game districts, zones. Or buildings where their best VR and traditional games are offered as pay-to-play games. Gamers can enter buildings to observe. And interact with various VR experiences before jumping into the MetagamZ metaverse to play their favorite games.

As the games ecosystem grows, so will the opportunities for brand visibility, marketing, advertising. And general exposure for all (big and small) brands inside and for the games ecosystem. A feature within the game and ecosystem that allows players to buy products and services directly from brands on the platform. However, players must first link an AVAX compliant wallet, then search for and play their favorite metaverse games.

MetagamZ aims to build a Virtual GameFi ecosystem

MetagamZ intends to create a Virtual GameFi ecosystem that connects the whole crypto gaming economy. Including game developers, publishers, gamers, and brands, in a way that is comprehensive, immersive, efficient, and successful.

By creating their own VR experiences and games into gaming districts, buildings. And zones, brands are able to market and gain exposure for their products and services by creating their own DeFi games. MetagamZ can attract a larger community of quality game producers by creating a fully inclusive. And interconnected ecosystem, which will deliver a bigger variety of overall games and experiences.

The MetagamZ metaverse’s business model will draw more players to the global blockchain-based GameFi market, while also boosting the global gaming ecosystem’s development and expansion.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.