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Canadian Gold Rush HAs Investors Piqued This Week


These are unprecedented times of pandemic, US election doubt, and driving a car that is rising of potential for violent upheaval. Even investors which are legendary advising people to flee to safe havens like cash or gold–and fast.

With gold now back the haven that is safe like never before, many eyes are swiveling toward Canada, where the makings of a gold boom are just getting started.

And suddenly, a major rush to gold is leading to a surge of investor interest in exploration companies–the place that is riskiest to pour money into gold-mining, but also potentially the most lucrative.

Liquidity is now moving in major waves into the gold-mining that is junior, and the next big gold discovery is set to mint another round of millionaires, if not billionaires.

It, usually the bigger the reward when it comes to your next discovery, small the company is that is sitting on.

Try a 7000% payback on for size …

That’s what investors earned recently once they piled money into Amex Exploration (TSX.V:AMEX).

Amex surged 7000% in the year that is past on a giant gold discovery in Quebec at its Perron Gold Project.

Now, with Canada’s gold-mining boom just getting underway, the next discovery that is prospective currently being anticipated.

This time, we like the chances of Starr Peak Exploration Ltd. (TSX:STE.V; OTC:STRPF), which is parked right next towards the Amex breakthrough using one side and a past-producing that is major (which it now owns, too) in the other side.

And its shares have jumped 300% into the previous 12 months.

The observers of legendary investors were shocked in July when Warren Buffett–a value that is long-time who has never much liked gold–bought big on Canadian major gold producer Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD) (TSX:ABX).

That shock move provided feet to an already growing gold boom that is Canadian.

Buffett sees Barrick as a premier hedge against volatility and inflation and he was willing to go to a Canadian based miner to obtain it. These are unprecedented times of pandemic.

Buffett’s move speaks volumes in what is likely to are available in Canadian gold companies, and why silver is back in fashion as the only hedge that is serious the wild uncertainty on our doorstep.

This can be one of many best barometers telling us where gold is going.

However the money that is real be made isn’t in a simple hedge against inflation with a giant gold miner like Barrick.

The real risk/reward potential is in the next junior explorer to make a discovery that is huge.

And some cash that is real gambling on Quebec and the Abitibi Greenstone Belt that is pumping out “world-class” deposits and it is still largely underexplored.

Investors are ready for a perform discovery, but hoping this right time through Starr Peak Exploration. That’s why a few of the Amex directors have jumped on as shareholders themselves.

Then, Starr Peak (TSX:STE.V; OTC:STRPF) bought up the past-producing gold mine on the other side.

Figure 1: Geological Map of the NewMetal property because of the newly acquired claims blocs with respect to Amex Exploration’s Perron Project.


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