Cavrnus launches virtual experiences in the metaverse

Cavrnus, Inc. rings in the New Year with the release of Cavrnus™ 2022.1 to enable the most human and life-like multi-person metaverse experiences yet. Cavrnus can now produce realistic lighting and shadows that bring any metaverse to life. From virtual product showrooms to NFT galleries to training simulations, thanks to updates to the render pipeline and all of the platform’s materials.

Improvements to the SDK, such as fully featured Unity and Unreal Engine plug-ins, make it even easier for businesses, brands, and artists to create, develop, share, and experience their own metaverse.



“The metaverse is here, and with this newest Cavrnus release. Moreover we are giving the most robust metaverse building platform for all organizations to communicate their immersive reality visions without losing visual quality”. Says CEO and Co-founder Anthony Duca. We anticipate that 2022 will be a watershed year for adoption. Owing to the metaverse’s more realistic, immersive, and human interactions.”

Stunning high fidelity visuals and lighting with the unity URP upgrade

The change from Unity’s built-in render pipeline to the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). Moreover new materials produce spectacular images with lifelike lighting, shadows, higher resolution, and enhanced performance across all platforms.

To tailor each object’s look in the metaverse, the new materials contain more simple basic parameters. As well as sophisticated choices such as emissive intensity, fresnel strength, normal map, smoothness map, and ambient occlusion map.

New unreal engine and unity plug-in releases

With Cavrnus’ most flexible SDK yet. Developers, designers, and artists can construct their metaverses faster while leveraging their existing 3D data operations. The SDK now contains Unity and Unreal Engine plug-ins for creating interactive content. As well as a cross-platform WebRTC voice and streaming video plug-in. Moreover the new Unreal Engine plugin transforms any UE project into a fantastic multi-player, interactive metaverse experience in no time.

Holoscripting adds power and flexibility

Cavrnus’ new and enhanced holoscripting, developed in collaboration with clients. In addition makes it even easier to build the most realistic, multi-person extended reality experiences in the metaverse. Create a single script that offers a microverse’s contextually correct experience across desktop, tablet, VR, and AR.

Meta Quest 2 performance improvements

The Meta Quest 2.apk now uses the high-performance Vulkan API and operates at 60 frames per second for the smoothest and sharpest untethered metaverse experience yet.

Cavrnus’ vision and devotion are demonstrated in the introduction of 2022.1, which enables metaverse builders to create interactive experiences that connect deeply with each of their audiences.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.