Touchpoint is developing of new meta verse NFTs

Touchpoint Group Holdings, Inc. , a media and digital technology holding company, today announced it has begun its initial phase to develop its advanced aerial mobility vehicles into non-fungible token (NFT) products for the metaverse gaming sector.

Touchpoint and its partner AppSwarm, Corp. have started phase one development of a suite of NFT products for virtual gaming and the metaverse based on the company’s AIR RACE World Championship of renewable energy aircraft vehicles.

Aerial NFT Products

The company will use several 3D software solutions. Such as Voxel and Unity, to transform some of its aerial vehicles into NFT goods for the metaverse and games.

Users may create sceneries, artifacts, structures, and even gaming products in voxel-powered metaverses like CryptoVoxels and The SandBox.



High-Def Flight Simulation

The company will also start producing high-fidelity flight simulation applications for VR devices. Like the HP Reverb and Oculus Quest, using both VR180 and new wave 360/VR video codecs.

Users will be able to experience real-time flight simulations of Air Show pilots utilizing some of today’s most modern aerial mobility vehicles with these apps.

Air Show VIP Access with NFTs

Exclusive NFT access permits to Touchpoint’s AIR RACE World Championship events will also be announced. These NFT passes will provide consumers VIP access to behind-the-scenes events where they may meet the pilots, teams, and attend secret parties.

We will soon release the NFT Development Roadmap, along with information on the timelines and milestones of the projects.

“2022 will be a year of major upheaval in numerous industries as new technologies continue to become more accessible and cost efficient”. Said Spencer Christopher, Touchpoint Group’s CTO. Touchpoint has strategically positioned itself to be at the vanguard of this disruption, both in the physical and virtual worlds. Our next roadmap will go through our timetable and plans for everything we’re working on.

We will merge the virtual and the physical through the Air Race. As seen by the pilots’ simulation training prior to the race. The pilot’s virtual lap times are within tenths of a second of their real-world lap times. We can open up the Air Race to the globe. Moreover identify the next great pilots of tomorrow by conducting a virtual competition.

NFT’s will be the key for not only collectibles, but also the events themselves

NFTs will be essential not just for collections. However also for the events themselves, such as VIP entrance to Air Races throughout the world. TulsaLabs and Appswarm have already shown to be excellent partners. In addition in 2022, we intend to provide the globe with genuinely innovative experiences.”

“We are glad to be collaborating with Touchpoint Group on real-world implementations of NFTs for the metaverse and gaming industry,” said Tom Bustamante, Founder of AI Venturetech, Inc. and Strategic Advisor to TulsaLabs. Their background in gaming and technology creation will allow for a wonderful relationship with TulsaLabs in exploiting the power and usefulness that NFTs have as a way of ownership and access.”

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.