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Metaverse June 9, 2022

Clinique partners for metaverse project



Clinique, the first dermatologist-developed beauty brand to launch in the Metaverse, announces their first makeup NFT (non-fungible token) campaign in partnership with Daz 3D, creators of one of the world’s most inclusive NFP (non-fungible people) collections, cementing the brand’s commitment to building a better and more inclusive digital beauty world focused on accessibility to address the lack of representation.

Clinique partnered with Tess Daly, Sheika Daley, and Emira D’Spain to design the NFT “Metaverse More Like Us” Campaign, which challenges unattainable beauty standards and encourages individuality

In the Metaverse, just 20% of users and producers are women, and NFTs with avatars of color and handicap are valued lower than white avatars*. “Metaverse More Like Us” emphasizes beauty and highlights underrepresented communities.

“Clinique has always been committed to inventing products that give great results and address all skin conditions,” said Carolyn Dawkins, SVP of Global Marketing, Analytics, and Online at Clinique. “Our aim to serve all skin means we’re committed to increasing inclusion anywhere our brand interacts with consumers, including the Metaverse. As the Metaverse grows, we know what we produce now can affect future beauty standards. We’re pleased to work with Daz 3D and artists that convey hope through art.”

Tess, Sheika, and Emira, the campaign’s makeup artists, each curated two looks. All were designed for NFPs of all complexion tones, face shapes, and hairstyles. Using Clinique products, the makeup artists will share their inspiration, creative methods, and social causes on social media. Clinique’s unique methodology allows artists to explore the Metaverse and style NFTs.

Each makeup artist and creator used popular Clinique products to create two looks: one real-world and one magical. Sheika evoked nostalgia with an outfit inspired by an 80s cartoon TV series and another by bold, assertive runway designs. Emira’s style resonated into our feminine and bold sides. Tess was inspired by ombre’s edginess and graphic components, which can be adapted to any eye shape.

1,968 randomly selected avatar NFP collection holders will receive each NFT cosmetics drop. First 1,968 avatars will receive NFTs in July, second in August, and third in September.

Clinique’s socially-conscious debut into NFP further elevates the brand as a leader in the Metaverse, encouraging optimism and establishing an inclusive community. “Metaverse More Like Us” highlights the lack of diversity avatars and digital marginalization. The campaign illustrates Web3’s cutting-edge strategy to developing a more inclusive society as it establishes itself. Clinique partnered with Metaverse expert and Web3 leader Cathy Hackl on this campaign.

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Sad Society is a new community NFT



The SAD Society is a collection of 7777 different non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have been generated at random and are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. SAD Folks are more than simply a PFP because holders will have access to a completely anonymous social platform centered on mental health called SADs Anonymous. On this platform, individuals will be able to chat about their experiences and challenges while staying anonymous to other users.

The allowlist sale will begin at 19:00 Coordinated Universal Time on July 15th, 2022

SAD Everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, history, or status, is able to be entirely themselves and anonymously express their feelings within the community that is society. Society is both a secure space and a community.

Owning any SAD People will be able to gain access to SADs Anonymous, which is a completely anonymous social platform where they can be their true selves without the fear of oversharing and where they can talk about their personal experiences, traumas, achievements, and struggles. Holders will receive access to SADs Anonymous.

“We believe that with the notion of SADs Anonymous, we can help everyone become more in touch with their actual selves and more comfortable with communicating, and that we can get individuals from all over the world to share their stories and empathize with each other,” said the founders of the organization.

When the sale of allowlist tokens comes to an end, any tokens that are still in the allowlist supply but have not been minted will be put to the breeding pool. To determine the base supply of the breeding pool, start by taking the entire supply and deducting the allowlsit supply, as well as the 20 tokens that are set aside for the team.

Twitter / Discord

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CarzSo unveils metaverse showroom



Metaverse is more than just an idea. The way cars are sold has already changed due to it. India’s first used vehicle store has opened in the metaverse thanks to VR-based auto tech company CarzSo. In the metaverse, customers can purchase used vehicles. They can select from a variety of makes and models that the company have carefully chosen, according to Vaibhav Sharma, founder and CEO of CarzSo, who spoke to

CarzSo provides search options that enable you to quickly locate the ideal vehicle

Users can explore a wide selection of automobiles and narrow down their choices by make, model, price range, body shape, etc. with the assurance that they will only buy the best cars.

The auto tech start-up wants to become the first firm in the world to bring the retail auto sector to the metaverse area and has also revealed that it will be creating an NFT-based parcel of land for the launch of an auto industry-focused metaverse.

Sharma claims that the business is concentrating on creating a game platform based on this idea. The automotive technology startup also wants to make it easier for car owners and buyers to construct or mint virtual assets (NFTs) of their automobiles. This will give owners of vehicles a special digital identification for their cars. The auto owners will also have the option of creating later-tradable NFTs of their license plates.

The auto tech startup already has a web 2.0 presence where customers can purchase and sell cars using VR and virtual showrooms. Customers will be able to avoid making a trip to the dealership and purchase cars virtually thanks to the new invention, which will complement the company’s already established virtual showrooms.

“Being the first virtual reality and virtual showroom based car tech firm in India, it was necessary for us to launch metaverse as soon as possible. However, given the market’s recent growth, the timing could not have been better. With the world’s first web 3.0 company centered on the auto sector that deals in NFTs and meta land for auto industry players, we are happy to finally be able to bring our vision to life,” Sharma continued.

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Niantic to release metaverse social app



Niantic, the maker of famous augmented reality mobile games like Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom, made its Lightship Visual Positioning System available to developers at the beginning of this month. By doing so, the company laid additional groundwork for its ambitious “real-world” metaverse. Additionally, the company introduced Campfire, a novel form of social network that will assist users in finding new friends, games, and activities to participate in.

Niantic has announced that it will begin rolling out its social app in certain regions this week

The app will provide users with a simpler method to connect with the Niantic community. This summer, support for Niantic games will be made available to a limited number of Pokémon GO users before being made available to all games and gamers at some point in the not too distant future.

The software includes a number of other networking functions in addition to the gaming options. A dynamic map of your immediate vicinity displays other players, events taking place in the community, and in-game experiences. A tab that can be found at the bottom of the screen has a number of helpful tools that enable users to maintain connections with existing friends as well as make new acquaintances.

Users can establish a group chat, arrange gym raids, share their whereabouts with pals, keep track of upcoming gatherings, and more using this app.

“Using a map is a great way to explore, whether you’re going somewhere new for vacation or you just want to discover new parts of the city you live in. According to a statement made by the company in an official press release, “And if you meet up with other people, you may send them a friend request and direct message to organize your next rendezvous.”

“We are delighted to explore the different ways in which you utilize Campfire to encourage the kinds of real-world connections that have always been at the heart of what Niantic does.  Over the following few days, Campfire will start rolling out in certain places throughout the world.”

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