Cosmic Wire collaborates with LEXIT

Futuristic technology company Cosmic Wire has partnered with next-generation NFT platform LEXIT to develop LEXiLAND, an all-new metaverse. Together, the duo has secured a major partnership and will be announcing a massive NFT collection in April during Miami NFT Week.

LEXiLAND is an upcoming novel metaverse

LEXiLAND is an unique metaverse that will let NFTs achieve their full potential. The all-new ecosystem will include a dynamic NFT Marketplace with NFT DeFi Liquidity, in addition to owning and monetizing virtual land.

LEXiLAND will host notable NFT Drops and provide holders and the LEXiLAND community with never-before-seen features and benefits. LEXiLAND will make time spent within it exciting, interesting, and rewarding by integrating world-class entertainment with a highly rewarding NFT Ecosystem.

LEXIT Founder and CEO Amir Kaltak remarked, “The LEXIT cooperation with Cosmic Wire will help us to develop cutting-edge experiences in our LEXiLAND metaverse.” “We’re ecstatic to be teaming up with Cosmic Wire to take the world of NFTs to new heights. It all comes down to having the proper people around you, and Jerad Finck and his A-Player team are an excellent match for”

“LexIT, led by Amir Kaltak and Katia Zaitsev, is a forward-thinking business, and Cosmic Wire is extremely happy to cooperate with them,” said Cosmic Wire CEO Jerad Finck. “This is only the beginning of our collaboration and shared vision of the spatial internet, and the immersive Web3 powered by blockchain is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with today’s technology. Exploring this sector and pushing into the digital revolution with LEXIT is really exciting!”

LEXIT is a next-generation NFT and DeFi platform is a next-generation NFT and DeFi platform for creating Non-Fungible Tokens from Intellectual Property (NFTs). Anyone with Art, Music, Film/Videos, Patents, or Technical Inventions may join and submit an NFT Launch listing, collect NFTs, follow/like their favorite producers, and use LEXIT to develop their NFT identity.

LEXIT will soon release a version of its NFT Platform that includes an integration of its Decentralized Exchange (DEX), allowing launched NFTs to be traded immediately on LEXIT’s DeFi Pools.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.