DNAverse unveils a new NFT collection

DNAverse, the world’s first project to integrate users’ real DNA data into customized artwork NFTs. A historical collection of 200 genesis Cryptoproteins and 3,000 DNApasses inspired by life’s fundamental proteins. This invention, which was named Breakthrough of the Year 2021 by Science Magazine, lays the path for a genetic metaverse.

A team of 3D artists and scientists have closely collaborated to ensure 100% scientific accuracy

To secure 100 percent scientific correctness with the precision of the Protein Data Bank, a team of 3D artists and scientists worked closely together. Each NFT is created to order and contains a genetic analysis as well as a totally personalized artistic representation of the collector’s DNA (DNArts). The NFTs can be deposited into a decentralized and long-term business model to provide long-term returns to their owners.

“Our objective is to duplicate life in the Metaverse and offer a new path for humanity to survive,” says David Torrico, Art Director and Co-Founder, adding, “This is only a disruptive first step in our roadmap.” By combining both worlds organically and creatively, DNAverse strives to retain the essence of life and connect our souls to virtual realms.”

We start a movement based on human digital verification, organic NFTs, and Bioavatars by allowing the community’s NFTs and virtual avatars to inherit their DNA. A licensed DNA laboratory handles the genetic information in an anonymous, secure, and exclusive manner. The coding of genetic information on the blockchain will be supplied as an exclusive benefit for DNAverse collectors.

This is a historic milestone that enhances future digital relationships

3DforScience and DNAverse CEO and Co-Founder Javier M. Floren comments: “This is a watershed moment for future digital interactions, which is why DNAVERSE is so innovative, significant, and scalable. We will all be accessing web 3.0 in the near future. Our goal is to humanize the Metaverses by creating verified-as-human profiles with our own DNA personalization, which will set us apart from AI bots.”

3DforScience, a prominent scientific visualization company, was founded in 2012 to provide creative solutions to clients in the life science industry to help them improve their communication capabilities.

DNAVERSE is the first art NFT collection in the world to be personalized with real DNA data, and it is based on a utility business model that kicks off the BIOmetaverse.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.