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Metaverse Investing: Tokens or Stocks?

The metaverse is currently a hot topic, and with good reason. It is expected to grow by up to 48% per year until 2029, making it a highly lucrative sector to invest in. As a result, businesses in social networking,

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KuCoin opens a metaverse office

One of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin is opening its first digital representative office in the Blocktopia Skyscraper. All exchange users will be able to utilize the workplace as a metaverse venue, where they will be able to engage

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HEIR announces their first NFT collection

NBA legend Michael Jordan is making moves in Web3, including December’s announcement of HEIR, a Solana-based platform that aims to connect professional athletes with their fans. Today, HEIR launched its first NFT collection to bring “founding” users into the upcoming

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DNAverse unveils a new NFT collection

DNAverse, the world’s first project to integrate users’ real DNA data into customized artwork NFTs. A historical collection of 200 genesis Cryptoproteins and 3,000 DNApasses inspired by life’s fundamental proteins. This invention, which was named Breakthrough of the Year 2021

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ImagineAR makes a collaboration with CYN

ImagineAR said it has inked a new partnership with the newly-formed professional wrestling group, Control Your Narrative, to become its official Metaverse sponsor. ImagineAR is an AR-as-a-Service self-publishing platform that interfaces with your existing mobile phone app to allow you

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BabySoccer is launching its metaverse token presale

The BabySoccer game, a new soccer metaverse game, is announcing the launch of its NFT Metaverse game ahead of its NFT token’s presale. MoreovertThe game is a decentralized worldwide multiplayer game. In addition NFT platform intending to reward holders throughout

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Affyn led a $20 Million funding round to build a P2E platform

Singapore-based startup Affyn raised over US$20 million through several fundraising rounds, including the recent round led by several launchpads. Affyn is a blockchain-powered Metaverse project with a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn mobile game Affyn is a blockchain-based Metaverse project with a Free-to-Play,

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