GOmetalaunch is a new metaverse project on the Cardano blockchain

The first of its type on the Cardano blockchain, GOmetalaunch, is fully dedicated to launching Cardano Metaverse projects and Play to Earn NFT initiatives on the Cardano blockchain.

GO laboratories, a collaboration of Haskell and Cardano Blockchain developers, is glad to announce the debut of GOmetalaunch. Which will serve as a portal to the Cardano Blockchain Metaverse. The objective and vision are to provide users with early access to the most desired and fascinating new Metaverse and NFT projects launched on the Cardano Blockchain.



The team is making sure that Metaverse initiatives created on the Cardano Blockchain receive the necessary support and financing. Furthermore, it will integrate Metaverse projects established on other blockchains into their IDOs. Therefore allowing users to sponsor projects on the Ethereum, Solana, and Binance chains.

The outlook for the future

The Gometalaunch team thinks that the Metaverse is the future of the Internet and human interaction. As evidenced by recent investments in the Metaverse by the world’s three largest corporations (Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple). Thus, striving to bring people closer to this new fashionable world.

GOmetalaunch provides the opportunity to be the first and earliest pioneers of the future by early access Metaverse projects. Which will serve as the Metaverse’s building blocks.


GO Labs has collaborated with blockchain industry professionals and gurus to ensure that any project published on Metalaunch has all of the resources it requires to succeed.

Furthermore, using a tiering mechanism, GO community members will be participating in the entire governance process. Thus ensuring that everyone has a fair chance and allocation to support and earn rewards and tokens from the most sought-after Metaverse projects. Moreover, they will be at the lowest prices before they go public.

Members of the GO community can also vote on crucial choices affecting the governance of the GOmetalaunch project.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.