Emerge brings 4D into the metaverse

As more people look to the Metaverse for connection and collaboration. Moreover Emerge launches its first consumer product, that enables physical touch in social virtual reality experiences.



The company announced the launch of the Emerge Home system

The Emerge Home system is the first device that provide immersive ‘bare-hands’ tactile interactions in the Metaverse. According to the company, a social virtual connection firm.

The Emerge Wave-1 device, the Emerge Home social virtual experience. Moreover the Emerge Home mobile app make up the Emerge Home system. Emerge Wave-1 is a new tabletop device that lets you control it with your hands alone.

It has the same footprint as a 13-inch laptop and emits sculpted ultrasonic waves. In addition allow users to interact with the virtual environment through touch. The Emerge Wave-1 creates a mid-air zone of engagement up to three feet above the device and 120 degrees around it using Emerge’s unique technology.

Sly Lee, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, said, “The company represents what we hope might be the next paradigm change in human connection”. “The purpose of the new product is to transport individuals beyond the screen. In addition allow them to interact emotionally in a natural way, regardless of their physical distance.”

Emerge mission is to allow users to feel tactile experiences in a virtual space without the need for gloves

The company is developing a series of products that allow users to physically sense tactile interactions in a virtual realm with their bare hands. Moreover without the necessity of gloves, controllers, or other wearables.

“The new product is the first step in a larger project to establish a new language of touch in the virtual world”. In addition stated Isaac Castro, Emerge’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder. “Today, we’re focusing on virtual reality, but we’ll be looking into different interfaces in the near future.”

The company received an additional $13 million from strategic investors in advance of the launch of the new product to complete product development. In addition assist its early adopter network, bringing the total raised to $31 million.

Metaverse thought leader Matthew Ball, Riot Games co-founder Marc Merrill, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, world-renowned MEMS expert Kurt Petersen. And patent firm Schox are among the notable new investors. M13 and Vulcan Capital, among others, had previously invested in the company.

The new product system and the Emerge Wave-1 gadget will be offered for a limited time on Kickstarter in February at a retail value of $499.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.