Emperia gets ready for its metaverse virtual store opening

Emperia, the leading virtual reality retail technology developer for the premium fashion and art sectors, announced today a new SaaS solution, Artemis, that provides luxury fashion brands with full control over product placement, in their virtual stores.

Without any technological know-how, brands can update collections and freshen the area. According to seasonal themes in under 30 minutes.



Emperia is preparing brands for a strong presence in the metaverse

With virtual reality 3D stores that transmit the brand narrative through interactive, immersive virtual experiences. Moreover, Emperia is preparing businesses for a strong presence in the metaverse. The e-commerce strategy of luxury fashion merchants must include the creation of a distinctive virtual experience that captures the spirit of the brand and communicates its narrative.

Giving designers complete control over visual merchandising allows them to keep their web shop up to date with the latest goods while also better synchronizing their physical locations, resulting in a strong omnichannel strategy.

Emperia’s virtual experiences are fully integrated with the company’s current e-commerce platforms, allowing for direct checkout and inventory management.

“The last 12 months have been crucial in our space,” says Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO of Emperia”. With brands starting to shift from a one-of virtual promotional experiences state-of-mind to a notion of creating permanent online, flagship stores. Which requires a different look and feel and user experience.”

“With the realization that clients will be using these spaces for a long time. And the need to change/update the virtual store as frequently as they would their physical space. Moreover, Emperia has created a platform that allows full customization of both product display and decor, allowing brands full creative control; a new era in immersive virtual retail experience design.”

Using Emperia’s data analytics, marketers can optimize product placement

Moreover, marketers may adjust product placement based on user interactions. Discover which goods are most popular, evaluate traffic. In addition, track user behavior using Emperia’s data analytics to boost engagement, customer loyalty, and ultimately revenue. Users spend an average of 14 minutes in Emperia’s virtual experiences. Compared to two minutes for static e-commerce websites, according to data.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.