Fancy Bears Metaverse organizes idol meetings

Known as the Fancy Bears Metaverse, the ecosystem created by Fanadise revolves around entertainment, social media interactions and celebrities. The Fancy Bears Metaverse (FBM) allows users to interact with artists, influencers, elite athletes, Nobel Laureates, and others who are members of the Fancy Bears Club. Furthermore, their material may be marketed in a variety of ways, including royalties, NFTs, 3D avatars, and more.

Acces to the Metaclub

The project is home to 8,888 NFTs that symbolize fancy bears and provide users entrance to the Metaclub, also known as the Metaverse Club. In addition users may attend concerts, pool parties, and even play tennis with their favorite authors at the virtual club.

Fancy Bears Metaverse


Fancy Bears club members will have the opportunity to win opulent prizes such as a Ferrari or a yacht during Fanadise’s Annual Party, which will be held twice a year, possibly ironically.

The NFTs function similarly to profile photos (PFPs) or avatars in that they grant holders access to the Metaclub. They’re a fantastic and efficient method to show your membership to other Fancy Bears members as well as your online social network. The metaverse — the 3D virtual reality that has taken the internet by storm – is rapidly integrating NFT PFPs.

“We are in the midst of Web 3.0. An internet of blockchain-based apps, with crypto and NFTs playing an increasingly prominent, if not essential, role. We didn’t want to be bystanders in this craze. FBM is our contribution to this internet transition,” says Fancy Bears Metaverse co-founder Jakub Chmielniak.

“It’s straightforward,” says co-founder Bartek Sibiga. Europe’s counterpart to the Bored Ape Yacht Club is Fancy Bears. The star power we have already attracted proves that.”

First European PFP NFT project with 3D scanning to access metaverse

Holders of Fancy Bears will gain entry to the Metaclub after undergoing a 3D scanning procedure that will bring their avatars into the metaverse. This is the first time this has happened in a PFP NFT project.

Fancy bear holders will benefit from incentives, Special Bear Swag, unique offers for companies participating with the Club, governance, honey airdrops, real-life gatherings, and parties with celebrities, in addition to 3D scanning, which will allow holders to join the Metaclub and the Metaverse realm. Bears will also have complete commercial usage rights over their NFTs, which they may keep, sell, or transfer at any time.

The luxury club members will receive 7,888 NFT bears out of a total of 8,888. Celebrities and athletes are given 500 bears each. The remaining ones are for high-end companies, team members, and Karma holders.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.