IoE is extending its metaverse DeFi hosting technology

The Internet of Everything Corporation’s Eden platform will be hosting Metaverses. IoE Corp is extending their decentralized hosting technology into the Metaverse realm.

Hosting the Metaverse

One might think of the Metaverse (SnowCrash, Ready Player One, Futurama’s Internet) as a vast immersive augmented and virtual reality. That you will enter and experience with technology such as Oculus and Google Glass, which we have only seen in prototype form. On the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo designed a fun local AR experience.



We can’t yet experience Metaverses, except in these early forms. MMORPGs and other virtual worlds demonstrate content potential but do not provide an immersive experience.

Consider Metaverses as additions to experiences. For example, imagine if a museum had a private AR Metaverse connected to its displays. In addition allowing you to view the exhibits come to life through your phone. A novel experience that can be constructed now is walking through the hallways of a museum immersed in the Metaverse.

Tools like Reality Composer can be used to produce immersive AR content

You can create immersive AR content using tools like Reality Composer, and the viewing device is as simple as a smartphone and Google Cardboard. However, massive AR and bringing the displays to life requires a lot of machine power, and it still requires quick reaction, since a sluggish Metaverse experience would not suffice. So putting the Metaverse on the Web in the Cloud is illogical; we don’t want to get a 404 or a -Buffering- notice when engrossed in the Metaverse.

Hosting Private Metaverses must be highly local, and it must be integrated in the place in which it will “exist.”

The IoE Eden Metaverse version does just that, utilizing open source hardware and the power grid as a carrier to host a Private Metaverse on Eden, where it will be utilized, addressing all concerns associated with distant hosting on the web, or even centralized in the building.

Distributing and balancing compute and power consumption among self-healing decentralized devices can increase stability and efficiency. In the future, Eden will likely host the Metaverse as a full-fledged virtual environment wheter it’s an immersive AR version or a full-fledged VR version.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.