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Heineken introduces a new metaverse product

Heineken Silver, the world’s first “virtual” beer, was launched as Heineken®’s ironic way of poking fun at brands releasing products in the metaverse that are actually best enjoyed in real life. In a series of exclusive launch events across Europe, Heineken Silver has now broken out of the metaverse and into the real world showing that nothing beats the extra refreshing taste of a beer for real.

Heineken Silver has now broken out of the metaverse

The Heineken Silver events across Europe blended the physical and digital worlds by using components from Heinekenlaunch’s in Decentraland and bringing them into the real world for consumers to enjoy.

Consumers were able to witness some of the most strange inventions from the metaverse before being able to enjoy their first extra-fresh taste of Heineken Silver – for real – at these ‘IRL’ (in-real-life) events, which took place in locations such as Amsterdam, London, Milan, and Madrid.

The addition of For Real Tokens (FRTs), valuable art pieces made in collaboration with acclaimed visual artist J. Demsky from Spain, added even more excitement to the event. These FRTs are Heineken’s ironic take on the NFT culture, fusing the physical and digital worlds to provide customers limited-edition artwork and remind them that some things are better enjoyed in the real world.

HEINEKEN’s Global Heineken Brand Director, Bram Westenbrink, said: “We first released Heineken Silver in the metaverse as a mock product launch to emphasize that we feel the best way to experience Heineken is in the actual world.Today, we’re really playing with this virtual to real world connection, with ‘phygital’ events all over Europe, celebrating the new Heineken family member by delivering the best of both worlds: engaging entertainment like in the metaverse, but with ‘in person’ experiences and a beer you can actually drink!”

Consumers will be able to get their hands on the real Heineken Silver

From April 7, 2022, consumers will be able to purchase genuine Heineken Silver across Europe. Heineken® Silver offers a lighter drinking character that is tailored for modern taste preferences, with a crisp flavor and a mild aftertaste. It’s a crystal-clear, all-around crowd pleaser that’s extra fresh – for real. Made with the same star-quality natural ingredients as Heineken® Original, it’s a crystal-clear, all-round crowd pleaser that’s extra fresh for real.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.