Jump.Trade unveils a metaverse cricket game

Seeing this upward trajectory for sports-based NFT trading and P2E opportunities, Jump.trade, a gaming-NFT-based Web3 integrated marketplace, has launched the Meta Cricket League (MCL), an interactive NFT-based community-centric P2E cricket game where players can earn big cash rewards. Jump.trade, which is powered by Singapore-based GuardianLink, offers a variety of services on the platform, including game asset AI training, rental and real estate buildout, and the purchase and selling of ultra-rare cricket NFTs, among others.

Powered by the Singapore-based GuardianLink, Jump.trade offers an array of services on it

Jump.trade wants to tap into the expanding market for P2E games in India by maximizing the endless possibilities on the Metaverse. With over 400 million online gamers in India, GuardianLink forecasts that the trend of embracing NFT P2E games will be mirrored there as well. Jump.trade is the first international gaming marketplace to release a cricket NFT game. On Android, iOS, and PC, the MCL will be available.

MCL intends to attract NFT owners and cricket fans in order to create the world’s largest cricket Metaverse on the Web3. Players can utilize GuardianLink NFTs in the MCL to earn and sell in-game assets, own in-game cricketers, create individual stadiums, and eventually compete in the Esports Metaverse World Cup. Join the Jump.trade website’s waitlist for the NFT drop and premiere launch.

Jump.trade presents a Super Loot NFT drop

Jump.trade also offers a Super Loot NFT drop, which guarantees that you will receive NFTs from Metaverse cricket team players, or a mix of Metaverse cricket team players’ NFTs and authenticated signed digital NFT collectibles from giants of the sport.

You can get one Super Loot NFT for $25 or five Super Loot NFTs with a free treasure box full of amazing treasures for only $125. Hurry! Only 25,000 Super Loot NFTs will be available in the platform’s NFT drop on April 22 at 5 p.m. IST.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.