Klove: A new metaverse social engagement platform

Hellsing, a feature-rich metaverse project that includes a swap, NFT auctions, a blockchain-based NFT adventure game, Legions of Hellsing, and much more. Is adding a virtual social engagement platform called Klove.

Klove will host public AMAs, allowing users to interact with celebrities, influencers, politicians. Other notable people in the space via an interface that includes built-in webcam and microphone capabilities. As well as games like live chart wagering, user-created public and private hangout spaces, and more.

The Klove platform will roll out in stages starting with AMAs

The Klove platform will roll out in stages starting with AMAs, and an extensive calendar of scheduled events will be published at launch. Moreover Klove will serve as the portal to the Hellsing metaverse, and Hellsing holders will have automatic access to it.



Hellsing is employing a zk-rollup L2 scaling engine called HellSync to provide a gasless metaverse experience.In addition all on-chain interaction in the metaverse will take place on this sidechain. Which will alleviate the Ethereum main net’s current gas prices and speed difficulties.

Legions of Hellsing will integrate P2E and cross-chain compatibility.

The blockchain-based NFT adventure game Legions of Hellsing is now in closed alpha and will feature P2E and cross-chain connectivity. Additionally the single-player campaign and Hellsing Manor will be the first parts of the game to launch. Moreover they will include the Library, a player’s personal space where they can find hints about characters or special objectives that reveal more of their story. As well as portals to the Klove platform and a connected space where users can hang out together.

The team provides weekly update about the game developments in the form of snapshot videos

Hellswap, a simple and cost-effective DEX for purchasing Hellsing that will work with other tokens. Additionally the Hellsing manga, an original creation that tells the story of the “Hellsing Legends”. Additionally all of the original characters created for the metaverse. Beginning with Jack Hellsing, the genesis #0 NFT and protagonist of the first solo campaign, are both already live.

The Bazaar, an NFT auction exhibiting rare art and relics from the game designers and crew. And the Cornucopia Initiative, a $10,000 relief fund aimed at the financial hardships imposed by DeFi scams, will be among the next innovations.

Hellsing will gradually embrace more DAO-like features, allowing the community control over some parts of the project’s development.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.