Tristan Survival, an upcoming metaverse game

In 2022, Tristan Metaverse will officially launch the sandbox RPG main game Tristan Survival with simulation, PvE, PvP and user-generated instances. In 2002, we will introduce themed game planets based on three types of openness, including UGC, PGC, and 3rd party communities, connected to the main game.

Tristan metaverse is an answer to what gamefi and metaverse are lacking.

Tristan metaverse fills in the gaps left by gamefi and metaverse. The project’s creators sought to build something more than a game and an NFT marketplace. It’s shaping up to be a product capable of filling a massive gap in the present market, which can be characterized as a lack of “ecosystem”. And a disrespect for player convenience and accessibility.

Tristan Metaverse


The goal with Tristan is to bring crypto gaming into the mainstream. The goal is to decrease the entrance barrier to the gamefi revolution. And create an environment that rewards both players and producers.

What exactly is Tristan Metaverse?

It is a themed planet open metaverse with social media integration where your play time has vale and it aims to be a “virtual home” to many players.

Social Media Integration

When it comes to player comfort, the team comprises individuals who have worked on a variety of games with industry heavyweights in the past. In addition one thing they’ve learned is that convenience and accessibility are two pillars that can’t be overlooked.

To address the issue, the team has chosen a new approach by designing the game as an immediate Dapp rather than a web-only game. Allowing anybody to play it from anywhere, including Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. With simply “one-touch,” it’s easier than ever to get into the game.

Future Outlook

On the business front, the group has been quite busy. Ascensive Asset, Waterdrip Capital, Vendetta, NEAR foundation, METIS Genesi DAC, Polygon, and Damo Labs have all invested in the project. In addition it has also joined the Asia Blockchain Game Alliance (ABGA) as a Start-up member.

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