Day: January 2, 2022

BetaMars metaverse project to launch shortly

BetaMars is a metaverse initiative dedicated to the creation of a “future human homeland”. It’s brimming with ingenuity, creativity, and inspiration. The team has created numerous gaming elements based on “human nature” to attract worldwide gamers to establish a fantasy

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Metapunks to release metaverse avatars

These Metapunk avatars are multifictional 3D models that are available for viewing and integration into different metaverses, games, and social media platforms. Per the release, the first 2,000 Metapunks were sold privately.  What is interesting about Metapunks? Not just JPEGs

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Tristan Survival, an upcoming metaverse game

In 2022, Tristan Metaverse will officially launch the sandbox RPG main game Tristan Survival with simulation, PvE, PvP and user-generated instances. In 2002, we will introduce themed game planets based on three types of openness, including UGC, PGC, and 3rd

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